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Carretera General El Zumacal, 83
E-38710 Breña Alta - La Palma - Islas Canarias
Tel.: (+34) 922 434295 - Fax: (+34) 922 434038
lapalma-reservas-1-100x100 Booking enquiry Apartamentos Miranda.
By filling out this form, you will receive an unbinding offer to your introduced email address.
For this option, please check "Booking Offer" at the end of the reservation form.
If you like the offer, you can book calmly by paying a deposit via wire transfer later.
If you want to book immediatly, you can also pay your deposit directly via credit card or LaCaixa account.
For this option, please check "Online Booking" at the end of the reservation form.
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  Prices from - € 42,60 Per night
  Prices from - € 89,99 Per night
5% or more discount may be available if the arrival date is before 14/02/2020. Book now to make the most of this offer!
  Prices from - € 53,25 Per night
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